We are one of the renowned manufacture in trash bins for commercial purposes. Our bins are manufactured using high quality polymers and designed for long lasting and durability. Our innovative aero dynamic design gives our bins multi dimension advantage is terms of being economical, lighter, and highly durable.

Sr. No. Capacity (Litres) Length (Inches) Weight (Inches) Height (Inches) Color
1 120 22 19 38 Green, Blue, Red, Yelllow
2 240 29 23 43 Green, Blue, Red, Yelllow
3 660 54 31 48 Green
4 1100 54 41 51 Green

Note : Dimensions are in inches and are measured approximately. Not for weight and measurement.

HiBi Blue Front

HiBi Blue Side

HiBi Green Big Front

HiBi Green Big Side

HiBi Green Front

HiBi Green Side

HiBi Red Front

HiBi Red Side

HiBi Yellow Front

HiBi Yellow Side